Nakai Dine’é nishłį́

Kinyaa’áanii báshíshchíín

Dził tł’ahnii dashicheii

Tódích’íi’nii dashinálí

Deborah Ann Begay yinishyé

I am running for the Justice of the Peace of Moon Valley because I believe in justice as a balm to heal both parties in a conflict. Effective justice is adaptable and personal, responding to the needs of the individuals as well as to the community as a whole.

I come from a long line of Indigenous warriors and, in their honor, I am a veteran. I proudly serve in the United States Naval Reserves – and will celebrate my 15th year anniversary this summer. I received my BA in Native American History from UC Berkeley and am a graduate of ASU’s Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law, specializing in Federal Indian Law.

I am the only child of a single mother who defied odds to give me life. Raising three children under the age of 10 myself, it is in the spirit of motherhood that I run for public office. My commitment to a better life for them is a commitment to a better life for us all.

The perspectives of women and of people of color are too uncommon at virtually all levels of our government. I am happy to bring a fresh view to the table.

I'm a lifelong Democrat and activist; a Phoenix resident for over a dozen years. It is an honor to run for office as another way to support the community we share, and I look forward to the challenges of both learning and serving.



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